Django Patterns

Extend one template


This is just a stub document. It will be fleshed out more. If you wish to comment on it, please e-mail coreyoordt at gmail.

If all your templates extend a template that you assume exists, such as base.html

You have to change each template when your project uses site_base.html instead.

If instead all your templates extend a known, base template in your name space and it extends the mythical base.html

when the inevitable happens and the base template name changes changing one template makes all the others work.

If your coolapp/base.html defines all the blocks that you use, it is also trivial to change them to match the project’s template, just by enclosing your blocks in the appropriate base template blocks


{% extends "site_base.html" %}

{% block extra_head %}
    {% block head %}
    {% endblock %}
{% endblock %}

{% block content %}
    {% block body %}
    {% endblock %}
{% endblock %}